Our hotel is located in Aşağı Şahinler Village (“Napşit” in the Laz language), in Arhavi, Artvin. It has a location, 10km inside the sea coast, where you can see thousands of shades of green, surrounded by hazelnut and tea fields. Given it is only 10kms to the city center, there are many opportunities to see around other places while staying in our facilities.

Distance to Certain Touristic Areas

Mençuna Waterfall: 10km, Olimbera Köy Evi (Village Home): 5km, Borçka Karagöl Nature Park : 46km, Cehennem Kanyonu (Hell River Canyon): 100km, Sarp Sınır Kapısı (Border Gate to Batumi): 30km, Ayder Highlands: 66km, Zilkale: 72km, Palovit Waterfall: 85km, Trabzon Airport: 186km

Our guests that will come from the Trabzon Airport, can come to Arhavi by using “Havaş” (Shuttle bus service of the airport). We can provide you with transportation services from Arhavi City Centre to our hotel; you just need to call us.


Our facility, with an altitude of 80m, is surrounded by tea and hazelnut fields. Along with having various fruit trees in its garden, the facility is home to a nature’s wonder water stream. Our guests, who get exhausted from the heat and humidity that come with the summer months, can cool-off inside the refreshing water of the stream.

Interior Design

Our hotel was built with the principle of “Nature Friendly”. In order to maintain the ecosystem, we mainly used wood in our construction. Instead of concrete structures, we used natural stones, and equipped the rooms with technological and alternative solution, where you will find all that you need. The living place, which we designed with our indigenous and natural taste, is open to your, our dear guests’ objective comments.


Konaklama hizmetine dahil olan kahvaltı öğününde siz değerli misafirlerimize özel kahvaltı tabağı ve ortaya gelen sıcak/soğuk serpme çeşitlerimize yer vermekteyiz. Yöresel tatlara yer verdiğimiz kahvaltımızda, tatları yadırgayabilecek misafirlerimizi de düşünerek, milli kahvaltı tatlarımıza da yer verdiğimizi bilmenizi isteriz, merak etmeyin 🙂